Hollywood is on Kickstarter!

You know it's big news when I refer to myself in the third person in my post title!  My toys business is ridiculously busy and without giving up sleep altogether, I can't sew enough to meet demand.  Take a sec and watch my Kickstarter video here; http://tinyurl.com/7dcl2cd

There are all kind of goodies you can get from participating in my project like custom toys, zines, stickers, web shout outs, and generally warm fuzzies all around when my brand is known throughout the entire universe.  And as a special incentive for my poor, postless blog followers, if this project gets funded, I'll post every day for a month right here on Hollywood Flakes about anything BUT toys.


Michemily said…
Ha, I was thinking about you the other day. I thought, "Oh man, Hollywood hasn't posted for a long time again, and I miss her humor. Plus, every time she writes, she has a gazillion comments." Then I thought, "I should write her and say, 'Hey, Sarah, if you want to completely give up blogging, I understand, and hey, you want to please please please send all of your readers over to my blog?/"

Ha. Anyway, good luck with Kickstarter! How cool that your Flaky Friends have gone so far!
Colleen said…
I was already rooting for you, but a blog post a month! Go Hollywood!!!
Anthony said…
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