November 15, 2006

Last Chance

Okay guys! Last chance to get your submission in for the Biggest Schmoozer contest! We've had some good ones already so if you haven't submitted already, read through the entries to get some ideas.

Winner will be announced tomorrow -
Get your submission in before 5pm California Dreamin' Time!

In other news, well, there is no other news. I spent about an hour writing a post tonight but when I re-read it before posting I realized it was a ton of bull that I had convinced myself was true. I often get fixated on an idea and create a reality surrounding it. It's a lot easier than looking at reality and realizing there are almost NO overarching ideas that sum it all up. Spike has given me the nickname of "Summary Hollywood" because I like everything to fall in tidy one sentence summaries. It's the same reason I obsessively write lists and can't stand idle chatter on the phone. I want everything to have a point, a conclusion, a purpose. But reality doesn't indulge me and the world is a messy, messy place. I hate that. And since today I am overwhelming aware of my inability to summarize, I find it impossible to put up anything more than this. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be back to my snap-judgment self.


Anonymous said...

its the summaries that make it good

J-Rod said...

That was a really long-winded post about how you like things to be succinct.