February 18, 2007

Contest Winners

Fifty seven contest entries later, I'm pleased to announce the winner of the Storm Trooper Caption Contest. The challenge was to provide a funny caption for this photo (click to enlarge): I'd love to tell you that you're all winners and I adore you all equally, but I don't feel like dishing out $1,140 just to stroke bruised egos. Thanks anyway to everyone who played - I was laughing my rear off all week as the entries came in.

Without further ado...
First place, $20 prize:
"Let's invite Lord Vader to our slumber party! We can watch Mean Girls and swap Imperial secrets!"

Second place, $5 prize:
"Mom, Dad... This is Jeff. We met in Chem class three weeks ago and.... we're getting MARRIED!!"

Third place, HF magnet:
"Let's say we settle this on the runway...Han-Solo"
(Yes, this caption is only funny if you have seen the movie Zoolander. Lucky for Bex, it's my favorite movie!)

Honorable Mentions, a fuzzy feel good:

"Star Wars Episode VII: The Buddy System" Melanie

"First annual storm trooper take your daughter to work day" Patrick

"Lead me, guide me, walk beside me..." Melissa (it's a Mormon thing)

"The newest accessory for fashion conscious moms! Never again scrape drool, vomit or peanut butter and jelly off your dry-clean only clothes." Nancy

Marie, Molly and Bex, I worship your wit! Send me an email at sarahflakeATgmailDOTcom with an address I can send your prize to.


Bex said...

yay, I am soooo excited for my magnet!!

I can't say that I have wit, but now that Ben Stiller guy, he's funny.

A Payne said...

"Imperial secrets"... bahaha, that is good stuff!

Lindsay said...

Ha! Ha! Good choices. Very funny!

Janell said...

I think the rest of us found the amusement of the other entries rewarding enough =) This was a great contest, and I hope you'll host another in the future!

patrick said...

The contest was rigged, RIGGED I say!

Adam said...

Pat, I lobbied really hard for you, but Sarah was not to be disuaded

Marie said...

I love the pillowfighting clones! You are a woman of many talents, some disturbing.

Carvel T. said...

I greatly enjoy all of the samples I've read (15 min. worth) on your site.
Previously I regarded my behavior as eccentric, but I so enjoy your "flakey" humor that I'm going to begin presuming to describe my humor as flakey!
My dau. Marie won your StormTrooper contest. Her humor, at www.asittingonagate.blogspot.com, is more sedate than yours, I'd say.
Best wishes.

Marie said...

Help! My dear father is following me through the blogopshere, crassly advertising for me on other people's blogs! I love ya, Dad, but I'm calling in the Storm Troopers. And not the pink ones.