March 6, 2008

My Progress Report

I was in dire need of some feedback today as to my abilities as a mother. I put together a brief questionnaire for my three year old. Here's what we got:

Do you think I'm a good mom?
Uh huh.

Because you love me.

What would you say some of my strengths are? What am I good at?
You love to clean up.

And what would you say some of my weaknesses are?
You aren't strong enough to reach higher things.

What do you think I could do better at?
Working on a plane.

Like an airplane?

What are some of your favorite memories of me as a mother?
You love to give me hugs.

Thanks for the good report, Pixie! I'm feeling a ton better about my abilities. But I'll take the flight attendant advice into consideration next time you wet your bed.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

I only give how's mommy doing? interviews like that with a few bribes firmly in hand.

Every good answer gets a Snickers mini!

Rachel said...

You ask the tough questions I would never dare utter. You are very strong and very brave.

JLJ said...

I think you passed. The answers could have been pretty bad.

Emmy said...

You sound like a fabulous MOM. No made up stuff from Pixie, she just saves that for the journal.

Yer Ma said...

Okay, this is fun. So give me some very public answers to my own mommy review questions:
How'd I do?
Favorite memory?
DO NOT GIVE your least fave, please. I don't think I could take it! I tried, I really did!

My all time fave of you was your Mrs. Lamp phase. Ooo, dat was rich!

Jamie J said...

Aww, how sweet! I;m afraid to ask my daughter those questions...we could get some interesting answers. I'm not sure she knows what strengths and weaknesses are! :)

Jessica G. said...

Interesting idea...asking the kids if you are doing a good job as Mom.
Gotta make sure you didn't just put them in Time Out for spitting or take away the stolen box of cookies.
Do the results still count if I give them chocolate right before I ask my questions?

eRiCa said...

gotta say i read your plag all the time....i hope you're sewing like mad, consuming ice cream and living life with your girls. I do need to tell you that your post about the craigslist incidence still cracks me up to this day! rock on sista...rock on! :)

Bubbles said...

Well done. I'd say that's a passing grade! I'd be too afraid to ask my kid those questions . . . .

kat12778 said...

I like that Pixie thinks you need to be a flight attendant! I think being a flight attendant prepared me for being a mom (almost a whole month now!). Very long periods of having to be awake, not being able to get good sleep when you finally get the chance. An ever changing schedule, always on your toes. I'm still trying to figure out how actual travel fits into this though, I'm ready for a vacation :)

Sue said...

Love the questionnaire. That second question? Pretty much the whole point. If they know that? You're doing good.

Melinda said...

I think 'working on a plane' referred to the time you were overwhelmed on the plane and the flight attendant stepped in and took care of her for you. Her little brain probably cataloged that as the flight attendant doing a better job than you. or was she six months old at the time?

Angela said...

Yeah, I think you fared pretty well. My kids' assessments of my parenting always make me sound like our relationship with the foster care system should start going the other way.

Brent and AmberLee's Family said...

A questionnaire! That's brilliant.

I think I got a good picture of my 5-year-old's impression of me when she started praying nightly, "Bless mom that her work won't be so hard for her." Do I really complain so much?