October 8, 2007

So Long, Suckers!

I'm just walking out the door for a kids-free cruise down to Mexico. I'll be back on Friday with all kinds of great stories about how Spike and I rigged the "International Hairy Legs" contest and how much chocolate I was able to smuggle out of the Midnight Chocolate Buffet in my shirt.

In the meantime, May I recommend a few of my older posts? These are a few that I absolutely love. If you haven't read them yet, just do it for me.

Confessions of a Hypochondriac
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The Doll Hospital
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And here are a few of my videos to break up the silence.

Or cruise a few Hollywood Flakes approved blogs:

You'll love Amy's sense of humor, I know I do.

Azucar is always good for a laugh in the face of motherhood

Scribbit has TONS of stuff going on at her site at all times, contests, useful information, great insights, literally hours of entertainment.

Rachelle has created a little piece of heaven on the internet with her peaceful, alpaca loving blog. You won't quite understand why you feel so good but trust me, alpacas are the path to happiness

Wynne is the queen of Halloween this month. She may be the only person who loves the holiday more than I do. Check out her awesome Fates page.

Tracy M is an incredible mom writer and her posts are always a literary delight. Seriously good writing here folks.

Annie has a great hang-out blog and there is always a good crowd and good conversation.

Annie Poon has a really fun blog for art lovers. She digs up new talent in her town on NYC and explores all the fun mediums going on out there.

Jill is a local favorite blogger. If you live in the Pasadena area you'll get hooked on her great photography of surprises around town and commentary on what's going on in the community.

If you haven't found out about Pandora yet, you are in for a treat. You tell it a song that you like and it find similar songs to recommend that it thinks you may like as well. It's pretty good at guessing and you'll find all kinds of new great music.

Our just go get a copy of The Scarlet Pimpernel and join my Book Club in discussing the October book.

But whatever you do, on Friday you must COME BACK to me! I know these are all great sites, but let's not forget who told you about them. Seriously, it's only a few days that I'll be gone. Don't forget about me!


Scribbit said...

Last year at this time my husband and I took a cruise to Belize/Guatemala and Mexico, our first trip since children without children. I've been thinking longing thoughts about that trip all month, just remembering how much fun it was. Hope you're having a GREAT time!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

And suddenly... all was right with the world.

Annie said...

Woot! I see my name! Have fun in Meh-hee-co! Whatever you do; don't fall off the goat!

Jennifer B. said...

Great post. You know you're my favorite.

Plus, I hope you have fun.

wynne said...

A cruise? Aaaahhh...that sounds really, really nice.

Janell said...

Have fun on your cruise!

You should add the Pandora app to your public facebook profile =)

Heather said...

I just discovered your blog, and look forward to reading it regularly. Have a great time on your cruise. Re your comment on my blog - of my three boys, one is my husband.

Kristen said...

I loved reading your past favorite posts....so funny! Thanks for the laughs. I hope you had a fun trip! I am going to cancun for a week over Thanksgiving, YIPEE!

Rrramone said...

Have a good trip!! ;-)

Melissa said...

Anything sans children is a good thing. Hope you have a fantastic time!

acte gratuit said...

Next time will you link to my blog so I can get rich and famous like you? PLEASE!?!?!?!?!
(hope it was fun!:)

Rachelle said...

Why thank you my dear! And have a BLAST!

I don't know why this comment didn't appear last time I wrote it, but....
I have enjoyed visiting your recommended sites, and thanks for the honorable mention!
Now go! Drink a non alcoholic fruit flavored beverage for me, kay?