November 9, 2006

Critical Acclaim for Hollywood Flakes

(Alternate Title: I'd Like to Thank the Little People...)

-Anonymous, 3/17/06

“Yikes! Edit yourself, Girl, or I'll have to cut my link to your blog!”
-Basic Black with Pearls, 1/05/06

“I love your blog. Please don't kill me.”
-Molly, 1/11/06

“I think I'll stop checking your blog now.”
-Mary, 4/6/06

-Krazydreamergirl, 12/3/05

“I don't think it's your hormones. You may simply be crazy!”
-Basic Black with Pearls, 1/8/06

“I second your Mom's opinion: Crazy.”
-Adrienne, 1/8/06

“Excuse me? You shattered my life. Where is my apology?”
-Anonymous, 4/12/06

“The list of offendees grows and grows.”
-Basic Black with Pearls, 4/18/06

“You'd find more friends if Spike wouldn't cheat at Speed-Scrabble.”
-J-Rod, 6/05/06

“You are a horrible child ...Why didn’t I drown you?”
-Mumsy, 6/6/06

“ need to put a warning on your blog so I will not read such a posting the next time...”
-Dad, 6/19/06

-Anonymous, 7/28/06

“I only spent 5 min mocking you for your swirly mix of FEEElings. “
-Stephanie, 7/31/06

“I'm glad I didn't go to your high school.”
-Anonymous, 7/31/06

“Ew. “ Patrick, 8/2/06

“Oooh, you're so cooool. So LAAAAAAAy!”
-Basic Black with Pearls, 8/9/06

“Honestly, I need to come out and wash your little mouth out...!”
-Mumsy, 9/10/06

“THAT is a rant? Sheesh. You need more redhead in you.”
-Torchness, 9/27/06

“All I can say, is: "Don't blame it on your mother." You little weirdos.”
-Anonymous, 10/20/06

“You have created a very powerful enemy.”
-The Family Horses, 10/28/06

“Problems with the World #45. And now we know who to blame.”
-Th., 11/4/06

“This blog makes my stomach turn”
-Mary, 11/6/06

“...are you...menstruating?”
-Mumsy, 7/31/06


compulsive writer said...

Tee hee! That's a pretty good collection. So when are you moving to Utah? Shall I be keeping an open for houses in my hood?

Dane said...

Sarah, aside from the fact that your blog obviously SUCKS and is grossly embarrassing to both you and your family, how did you figure out how to do those nifty category links with

Anonymous said...

i was amazed at how many mean comments were from your mom. i wonder how she would like it if someone posted mean comments on her blog on a regular basis?

Sarah said...

My mom and I like to mess with each other - it's all in good fun ;)

Lisa M. said...


I feel completely left out.

After all, I am your biggest fan.

Suzie Petunia said...

I clearly don't say enough mean things about you and your blog. I'll have to work on that.

Anonymous said...

Haha! But your critical acclaim begs the question:

WHAT have I been reading?!


Did I MISS something here?

You are hilarious!

the Ed, not anonymous! said...

Most Dear "Anonymous",
Please, I am not mean! I adore my little Verukah. Can we be blamed if we share a penchant for wry humor? Are you new to the blog? Are you someone we know? Probably not. Welcome aboard, at any rate. We're happy to have you join us. But do not EVER think I have anything but the wildest affection for my darling Hollywood Flake.

Adrienne, speak up for me! Defend me!

Torchness said...

Oh, snap, I'm quoted. Fame, thy name is Torchness!

That was my Christmas dream... now I can die happy.

Well, I'm 24. It might be awhile.

Adrienne said...

Sarah, I like you AND your blog an awful lot. But, yes, you are insane. In that FUN way!

And yes, I must say, Mama Benac is a peach. Just like her kid. The friendly razz is an artform in the Benac household. So back off, anonymous! The Mormons are too nice to challenge you to a rumble, but I'm not!

Basic Black with Pearls said...

Thanks, Doll. I knew you'd come through for me. Sheesh!

Adrienne said...

Grr! This is my mean look.

Th. said...


Glad I could help!